Our Mission...
To help to break the cycle of poverty through education and training in developing countries.
"When serving on a local school board, I used to tell parents that our faculty was the key to our success. I'd joke that a great teacher could teach kids sitting on a rock under a tree. Well, having seen situations in undeveloped countries where a bunch of rocks under a tree was the local school, I now know that's not true. Yes, good teachers are important. But so are good schools. Children cannot learn effectively in outdoor or substandard conditions. Maybe for a day or two, but over the long term it just doesn't work."

-Al O'Connor-

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Our Current Goals...
  • Focus on Building Schools
    We've decided to build schools. LOTS of schools. There's a clear need, we know how to do it, and we can make an immediate impact.
  • Identify and Partner with multiple world class NGOs.
    We've partnered with buildOn and Room to Read. Two world class non-governmental organization who have experience building hundreds of schools in impoverished countries around the globe. We love working with our two partners but are open to working with other quality organizations who can help us meet our mission.
  • Keep it going - expand what we are doing each and every year
    We funded nine schools in our first full year. Eighteen in our second year. We've had close friends fund a few more. Our NGO partners have successfully implemented our "Matching Grant" program. They have found new donors who have agreed to match each of our schools resulting in a total of 18 schools being built in six countries in one year. By the end of year two we hope to have 65 schools in seven countries!
  • Develop the ability to scale our operation effectively going forward
    – We established a "Matching Grant" program which requires that each of our NGO's "match" every school we fund with a school from another donor. We ask the NGO to takes steps to ensure that each matching donor is an incremental donor that would not have donated without the match.

    – We're establishing our own goal setting and strategic planning process.
    – Our families and others who may join our efforts are involved in a purposeful way.
    – We've developed a web presence and in-house tools which lets us track the status of many ongoing projects
  • Explore Other Programs
    Over time, look at other programs. We are currently investigating programs which empowers young women and others which are attempting to increase the quality of the in-classroom experience in developing nations.