Opportunity For All
Our Founding Team

Kjell & Liselott Spangberg
"We think education will make a positive difference in underdeveloped countries, in breaking the cycle of poverty."

"We also believe that by helping underdeveloped areas to build schools and supporting education for all children, is a great way to "give back" and create a better world one step at the time."

"Every child deserves the chance to an education. It is our responsibility to equip them with the skills and the knowledge to create a bright future, for themselves and others."

"We have committed $10 million to schools. As a family, we are actively involved and so happy that we can make a difference through education."

Kjell and Liselott grew up in Sweden where Kjell started his successful career as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Today they live with their two sons and two goldendoodles in northern California while their daughter lives in Amsterdam. The entire Spangberg family is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys hiking, skiing, scuba diving and many similar activities.
"Through the generosity of others I never knew, I was able to attend wonderful private schools and universities. I've never forgotten that."

"We've been lucky in life. It's great to have the opportunity to give back and what better gift could there be than the gift of education..."

"The need is so great around the world. I only wish we could do even more"

Al grew up in New England while Anne was a military brat and moved around the world as a child. Both love the outdoors and enjoy traveling. Avid hikers and skiers, they currently live in Lake Tahoe with their dog Nikita.
Al O'Connor & Anne Studabaker
Leo & Nathalie Joseph
"Education opened up a world of opportunity for us. We are very fortunate and happy to have the opportunity to give back."

Leo and Nathalie Joseph live with their three children in Northern California. They and their family love the outdoors - Leo is a hiker and trekker while Nathalie is an avid gardener.