Donor Partners....

... Coming Soon!

We believe in working with Partners. You get more done, you meet new and interesting people and best of all it's fun!

We call those who build schools with us Donor Partners.

We established a "Matching Grant" program which requires that each of our NGO's "match" every school we fund with a school from another donor. We ask the NGO to takes steps to ensure that each matching donor is an incremental donor that would not have donated without the match. We've been introduced to some great people and organizations through this program and look forward to meeting many more.

Others are friends who want to build a school. We match their school and ask our NGOs to match both so one school becomes four.

We'll be profiling a number of our donor partners in this section in the months to come. . Each has their own story. We find these stories inspirational and hope you do too. Should you be inspired enough to want to build a school, please contact us. We'd love to talk with you.