Just the Facts....
Status: Complete

School: Pakariya

Country: Nepal

District: Kailali

Village: Pakariya

Donor: Anonymous Matching Donor

Partner: BuildOn

Year: 2011

Students: 121

Why we Work in Nepal:
● Nepal falls in the lowest category of human development (ranking #138 amongst 169 countries with data) on the United Nations Human Development Index, a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standard of living.
● Before Nepal’s revolution in 1950, only 1 child in 100 attended school. Now, the total adult literacy rate in Nepal is just over 50%.
● One of Nepal’s National Literacy Goals is to reduce the gap between the male and female literacy rates.

To Be Determined

This school project has not yet been announced.

Check back for more information at a later date.