Just the facts...
Status: Complete

School: The Padavi Palugaswanguwa Primary School

Country: Sri Lanka

Province: Trincomalee

Village: Palugaswanguwa

Matching Donor: Anonymous

Partner: Room to Read

Year: 2012

Grades: 1-5

Students: 203 Students

The Padavi Palugaswanguwa Primary School completed in the summer of 2012


The new primary school

Palugaswanguwa Community Profile

The Padavi Palugaswanguwa Primary School is located 65km from Trincomalee town and 340 km east of Colombo.

The Trincomalee District falls within the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The temperature is generally suitable for cultivation. The average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius but falls lower from October to January. Early October to late January is known as the Maha rainy season and late April to late May is known as the Yala rainy season.

The village of Palugaswanguwa is situated in the northern part of Trincomalee District close to Anuradhapura District. Most of the villagers are dependent on paddy cultivation, which is mainly done during the two rainy seasons. During off seasons, the villagers find jobs in adjoining villages.

The reason a school was needed

This school previously served students from grades 1 through 5. Presently, some classes are conducted in multi-grade classrooms due to a lack of quality learning spaces. The classrooms are overcrowded, which distracts children from learning. Due to this poor infrastructure, some parents are discouraged from sending their children to school.

The school administration and several parents met with government officials on many occasions to request support in constructing a new school building in this village. However, as the government has other immediate priorities, they have requested Room to Read's support.

The New School

The completed School Room is a spacious, 1,500-square-foot building with a lot of light and ventilation. The learning space is 1,200 square feet, and the corridor space is 300 square feet. This is a single -story building with three classrooms. Room to Read provided 63 primary desks and 126 primary chairs for the children and 3 tables and chairs for the teachers. The new School Room is painted to match the existing buildings at this school. It is an attractive addition to this community and draws a lot of positive attention.