Just the facts...
Status: Complete

School: Weera Mohan Jayamaha Maha Vidyalaya

Country: Sri Lanka

Province: Central

District: Matale

Village: Dambulla

Matching Donor: Anonymous

Partner: Room to Read

Year: 2012

Grades: 1-13

Students: 1584 Students

The Weera Mohan Jayamaha Maha Vidyalaya School was finished in the summer of 2012


Dambulla Community Profile

Dambulla Village is located in Matale, the historic district where Sigiriya Rock, Aluwihare Temple, and Dambulla Cave Temple are found. Tea, rubber, vegetables, and spice cultivation dominate. The district is also famous for quality slaked lime production. Most residents are farmers who cultivate rice paddies, which they harvest twice a year depending on the monsoon rains. During the off-season, villagers search for daily-wage labor jobs.

In this village, people of different religions live together in harmony. The houses are made of brick or cement blocks and mud mortar with roofs of galvanized iron sheets. Since there is no public water distribution system, villagers must collect well water from common wells, and electricity is available only to those who can afford it. Most villagers receive samurdhi funds, a poverty reduction program, from the government.

The need for a new school block

This prior school currently consists of five temporary buildings built by parents. 13 more classrooms are needed for the school to function smoothly. The existing classes are not appropriate for learning due to a lack of ventilation and light.

The finished school

The completed structure is a spacious 2,500-square-foot building with plenty of light and good ventilation. The learning space has an area of 2,000 square feet and the corridor space is 500 square feet. This is a single-story building with five 400-square-foot classrooms that are accessible to children with disabilities. Room to Read provided desks and chairs both students and teachers. The new school building is painted to match the existing buildings at this school. It is an attractive addition to this community that draws a lot of positive attention.