Opportunity For All works with buildON in Senegal. Opportunity fopr All funded their first school in Senegal in 2103 while buildOn has constructed 28 schools in Senegal.

In its most recent report, Senegal ranked 155th out of 187 countries on the UN Human Development Index. Senegal has a low literacy rate of about 39% and low enrollment rates in primary and secondary schools. About 54% of people live below the poverty line and almost half of the population is unemployed. Many children face difficulties attending school because they cannot afford uniforms and supplies. Schools also lack the funding to pay for basic necessities, such as textbooks, electricity, and running water.

In an effort to improve Senegal’s literacy and the condition of its schools, buildOn launched its Senegal school construction program in the Louga region through a partnership with Millennium Promise, an international development organization that focuses on alleviating extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
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