How to Donate
The Opportunity For All Foundation

To our friends and the friends of Opportunity For All,

When we founded
Opportunity For All it was our intent to personally fund the schools we build. Since then, we have been excited to discover that we are not alone in our desire to help children around the world. A number of our friends and even some new friends we did not know share our passion and have expressed an interest in assisting our efforts.

We have established a gift fund to make it simple for anyone who would like to donate to become part of our team. We welcome you as partners and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.

Al O'Connor, Leo Joseph and Kjell Spangberg

If you are a US donor and you want a tax receipt for the IRS, there is a form to fill out. CLICK HERE FOR TAXABLE DONORS.

If you are a Foreign donor or a US Donor who does not want a tax receipt for the IRS,